Wait, Shouldn’t a MOUSE just be perfect?

Most of us have a mouse to go with our laptop, don’t you? Lets face it, every laptop comes with a touchpad and some even have a trackball. The new HP Spectre 13t has what they call a “Control zone”! It almost sounds like those military equipment for use in mission control. It does some really cool things too. Tapping and swiping on the left-hand is used to view, select and switch between open apps, and swiping the right-hand Zone opens the Charms menu mimicking what can be done from the touchscreen itself.

I use a docking station in my office, plugged into it is a 23″ screen and a Microsoft 800 wireless keyboard and mouse for an entangle free office experience. I must say, it sure does deliver an unrivalled full size office experience. Challenge is, I can’t carry this with me to my presentations or field work! Now that presents a challenge.


After a year of work, the Taiwanese company which of course was the first one to launch a flagship Android Smartphone last year, has come up with a new magic in HTC one M9, an evolution of M8. And true to their word, evolution keeps getting better. Keeping their lineage, they have refined the things that needed to be refined without overhauling the basic gesture and the fundamental expression of the phone, as Claude Zelllweger, chief of HTCs industrial design team puts it.

HTC One M9_Gold_3V-970-80
Much hype has been built around the product with some expecting it to thwart the likes of Galaxy S6 launched on the same date as M9 and LG G4 which is due later this year. If what you see is what you get, I think M9 has the technical capacity to go toe to toe against Apple’s iphone, an opinion already being bashed by iphone users.
Unveiled in Barcelona, the new HTC with identical shape of M8, has retained its soft to touch effect and improved on its slipperiness with the edges being a little bit shaper and the back cover being bolder than before, all this in an effort to reduce its chances of falling.

We all know that Samsung were the first to incorporate a metallic frame on a Smartphone in Galaxy Alpha, of course how can we forget with the noise they made around it? But wait, the new HTC one M9 has built the entire thing out of aluminum, something that has exceeded everyone’s expectation.


Fifty Shades of Grey: A Tremendous Disappointment

A day after the erotic movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” was banned in Kenya, most citizens actually swore they would watch it. The Kenya Film Classification Board warned theaters not to show the much-anticipated film, citing “prolonged and explicit sexual scenes depicting women as sexual slaves.” Under the ban, anyone who distributes or shows it in Kenya is liable to a fine, imprisonment or both.

The movie which is an adaptation of author E.L James’ novel trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey premiered worldwide on Valentine’s day. It stars Dakota Johnson (as Anastacia Steele) and Jamie Dornan (as Christian Grey). Kenya was not the only country that rejected it, as it was also banned in Malaysia with the Asian country’s authorities deeming it to be “more of a pornography film than a movie”. France on the other hand, set an under-12s restriction for watching of the film while Singapore set the age limit for the film at 21.

Kenyans were still set to watch the prohibited movie

For us, this was not a restriction in any way since movies are hardly distributed via the theaters. Most of us simply walk to a movie shop and ask for a film which is quickly downloaded from a popular movie site and burned onto a DVD. So, how was KFCB going to stop the nation? After all, this was not the first time. Last year, the Board banned “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) which ended up being watched across the city.


Are you ready for Windows 10?

Well, Microsoft is expectant, again! Don’t worry if you weren’t aware – we are here to update you sufficiently. A new Windows 10 Operating System from the Washington based company is expected to drop anytime this year. Before you convince yourself that the earlier versions of Windows are good enough for you, let’s take a sneak peek into what Windows 10 is promising to offer:

The Start Menu is back!

For starters, the Windows start menu that was missing in Windows 8 and 8.1 versions will be back to your screen. However, the new menu offers a better experience as it has a dual functionality of part Start menu and part Start screen. This allows you to manipulate and personalize the menu for your own convenience. As a design if this hybrid approach, to the left is the familiar menu column appears with shortcuts to your applications and settings. To the right, a screen full of tiles to Windows apps displays that enables you to access key Windows apps right from the menu.

start menu

Are you already excited?! Well, that’s just a piece of the iceberg. (more…)

Your big innovation could be right under your nose!

It is evident that every day, man is looking for something new to create, something new to embrace or even challenge for improvement. As a result, new and improved inventions hit the market every so often. Some of them radically transform the lives of human beings and change our lifestyles forever. They are from days of old, such as Thomas Edison’s light bulb invention to middle age breakthroughs in mobile communication and services, as well as current discoveries of remarkable products, services and applications. The techie is coding his life away for the sake of an app that he is convinced must exist as the business person creates unique products and services that will go way into the future.
Well, recently, a man from Columbus, Ohio quit his full –time job to invent. What? You ask…A product so simple, yet so necessary. He invented a rubber holder for your earphones. One of a kind, this product enables you to store away your earphones when you’re not using them while preventing knots, earphone cuts and ultimate damage.
Designed by Ray Walker, Spoolee is a neoprene loop that fits on your finger, like a ring. You are able to roll your headphones around it until it’s fully wrapped. A Velcro loop is also in place to keeps it from unwinding. I bet we’ve all had trouble storing away our earphones, but this designer was inspired to pursue a much-needed solution!

Spoolee by Ray Walker


Party in a Box

If you are a lover of sound and quality sound at that then you will really love what i have for you. Jongo S3 – Portable Wireless Speaker. Yes u heard me, speaker not speakers. This device has the abitity to bring the house down for real. Its width and height are 131mm , 135mm respectively and has a diameter of 139mm. Its a boom box in the real sense of the word. It is really light, palm fitting and you can play your jams or mixes via bluetooth or wireless network, making it ultra portable, you may take it to a picnic, camping site or to the shop with you its that portable.

Cut outs (more…)

Working when talking made easy

Now with more communication companies coming up bringing in competition people now enjoying better rates and calling is becoming an easier option than sending SMS. You say what you intended and one can simply tell emotions better than via SMS. Now this brings in more problems getting more calls, even when driving, when cooking, when working out and yet you have your hands busy. Look no further because solutions are there. That is the Plantronics  Voyager Legend.

xvoyager-legend.png.pagespeed.ic.NkpsobMMmK (more…)