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Which Phone do i buy?!!
Which Phone do i buy?!!

What phone do I buy? This is a serious problem now with all this gadgets coming out looking all futuristic with awesome specs and features. It is enough to actually confuse a person however IT worthy they are. But they are a few thing to put into thought while actually trying to buy your next phone.

First thing is to figure out your needs. If you actually get this right then it will be easier for you to decipher the rest. For sure I can tell you this depending on what you need, even a “kabambe” non-smartphone can be of most use to you than an actual smart phone. Imagine you are a field kind of guy who is never near power outlets most of your time and you always on phone communicating receiving messages and what not, a phone with a longer battery life is best suited for you than a having a phone that can handle angry birds, if you are always within the office and you need your email on and video conferencing and what not, then a smartphone is the right choice. Your decision here is very crucial

When you decide that you need a smartphone then what operating system do you want it to run on? 00-android-4-0_iconsAndroid, Changing-BBM-app-for-iPhone-and-AndroidBBM, Windows-8-Logo-smallWindows or apple-logo-2iOS. A lot of decisions will influence what you will actually go for. If you are the type that needs lots of apps then iOS and android are the ones to go for. They have lots of apps to choose from their store; IOS is really easy to use and does not allow tinkering like the android OS which is open source and allows one to change or modify to ones need. If you know what you are doing. If you are the business type then BBM is ok, it keeps all your schedules and calendar neatly. Though recently it has had difficulty in the market keeping up with the competition but they promised to improve on their next model. Windows is catching up with apps though it still has a long way to go if it is to keep up with the first two. From a personal opinion windows operating system is just amazing how its transitions within itself and the animations are near futuristic. If you are that type of person then that the phone for you.


Next it’s all about the features. Camera, How good is it, can it match up to an iPhone 4s, does the Battery life stay for more than 18hrs on maximum usage if true then it’s a good phone. Storage capacity, you need space for selfies and music. Can it accommodate all that? How long till it cannot update to the next new version of an operating system,  For instance you cannot get an iPhone 3Gs at the moment it cannot update to the latest iOS and to make it worse it  cannot install Whatsapp, it’s that serious.

So hope this is useful to you, you can treat this like a small questionnaire if you are thinking of getting a new phone, just ask yourself this questions and you are good to go. Then you shall not go wrong when choosing a phone whichever the make you choose.


Trouble finding your soulphone?!!

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