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It is evident that every day, man is looking for something new to create, something new to embrace or even challenge for improvement. As a result, new and improved inventions hit the market every so often. Some of them radically transform the lives of human beings and change our lifestyles forever. They are from days of old, such as Thomas Edison’s light bulb invention to middle age breakthroughs in mobile communication and services, as well as current discoveries of remarkable products, services and applications. The techie is coding his life away for the sake of an app that he is convinced must exist as the business person creates unique products and services that will go way into the future.
Well, recently, a man from Columbus, Ohio quit his full –time job to invent. What? You ask…A product so simple, yet so necessary. He invented a rubber holder for your earphones. One of a kind, this product enables you to store away your earphones when you’re not using them while preventing knots, earphone cuts and ultimate damage.
Designed by Ray Walker, Spoolee is a neoprene loop that fits on your finger, like a ring. You are able to roll your headphones around it until it’s fully wrapped. A Velcro loop is also in place to keeps it from unwinding. I bet we’ve all had trouble storing away our earphones, but this designer was inspired to pursue a much-needed solution!

Spoolee by Ray Walker

So, for the techie who’s itching to create something, could be an app or a smart device. Maybe something simple and smart just like the Spoolee? Two points:

  • The invention could be right under your nose, really! That tiny problem that irritates you every time and you wish there was a better way around it…well, don’t just wish.
  • Don’t look at the crazy competition of products that exists. Your unique product could be what we are all waiting for but not thinking of. So go out there and design!


Your big innovation could be right under your nose!

2 thoughts on “Your big innovation could be right under your nose!

  • February 2, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Interesting perspective

  • February 4, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    Necessity has always been the mother of invention….regardless of the magnitude of the need. Well written!


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