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Well, Microsoft is expectant, again! Don’t worry if you weren’t aware – we are here to update you sufficiently. A new Windows 10 Operating System from the Washington based company is expected to drop anytime this year. Before you convince yourself that the earlier versions of Windows are good enough for you, let’s take a sneak peek into what Windows 10 is promising to offer:

The Start Menu is back!

For starters, the Windows start menu that was missing in Windows 8 and 8.1 versions will be back to your screen. However, the new menu offers a better experience as it has a dual functionality of part Start menu and part Start screen. This allows you to manipulate and personalize the menu for your own convenience. As a design if this hybrid approach, to the left is the familiar menu column appears with shortcuts to your applications and settings. To the right, a screen full of tiles to Windows apps displays that enables you to access key Windows apps right from the menu.

start menu

Are you already excited?! Well, that’s just a piece of the iceberg.

An intelligent personal assistant

Cortana, an intelligent personal assistant that works just like Siri for iOS, is coming to Windows 10. Microsoft has developed PC-specific functions into Cortana for easier access to files, apps and more. The idea is to make key interactions with a PC easier than before through voice control.


A dynamic improved web browser

Uniquely tagged ‘Project Spartan’, Microsoft is coming up with a revamp of Internet Explorer to be included in Windows 10 features. The browser will have the ability to mark up webpages before sharing them with others, and to comment on those same pages.spartan

Once pages are marked up with drawings and comments, that page is frozen in time with live links and open for sharing through Windows 10’s built-in sharing features. Spartan will also support built-in offline reading and PDF support, not to mention Cortana.

An exhilarating gaming experience

The gamers will have their minds completely blown away by this one! Xbox one has partnered with Microsoft to include an Xbox app on Windows 10 exclusively. With the Xbox app built right into Windows 10, Microsoft plans to bridge the communication gap between the PC and Console gamers. The new Xbox app combines elements from Smartglass and the existing Xbox App on Windows 8/8.1 PC’s with few new features to make gaming on Windows 10 a more social and personalized experience. The goal is to take the social aspects of Xbox Live and make them available to PC gamers and allow both parties to connect and play together.

For Windows Phones:

What if you have a Lumia device? Well, don’t worry. Microsoft has not left you out! The company will issue a major update to Lumia devices running the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1. The Denim update will bring just a taste of the features that Windows 10 will include in Microsoft’s phone lineup. This includes Cortana, Live Folders, a Glance Screen tool, enhancements to Internet Explorer (project Spartan) and the camera app among others.

A Universal apps approach

Let’s get to the icing on the cake. Microsoft also plans to include a “Universal apps approach” in Windows 10. What this means is there will be special versions of its key apps, like Office, for Windows 10 phones and tablets under 8 inches. Apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook will look and feel nearly identical to their desktop versions, only they’ll be optimized for touch and screen size. And through Microsoft’s cloud storage facilities, you can store and access all e, through any of your devices, regardless of where it was created.

What will it cost?

Now this is the climax of the good news! For current Windows 8.1 users, Windows 10 will be free for one year. Our verdict? It’s worth trying out.

Are you ready for Windows 10?
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