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After a year of work, the Taiwanese company which of course was the first one to launch a flagship Android Smartphone last year, has come up with a new magic in HTC one M9, an evolution of M8. And true to their word, evolution keeps getting better. Keeping their lineage, they have refined the things that needed to be refined without overhauling the basic gesture and the fundamental expression of the phone, as Claude Zelllweger, chief of HTCs industrial design team puts it.

HTC One M9_Gold_3V-970-80
Much hype has been built around the product with some expecting it to thwart the likes of Galaxy S6 launched on the same date as M9 and LG G4 which is due later this year. If what you see is what you get, I think M9 has the technical capacity to go toe to toe against Apple’s iphone, an opinion already being bashed by iphone users.
Unveiled in Barcelona, the new HTC with identical shape of M8, has retained its soft to touch effect and improved on its slipperiness with the edges being a little bit shaper and the back cover being bolder than before, all this in an effort to reduce its chances of falling.

We all know that Samsung were the first to incorporate a metallic frame on a Smartphone in Galaxy Alpha, of course how can we forget with the noise they made around it? But wait, the new HTC one M9 has built the entire thing out of aluminum, something that has exceeded everyone’s expectation.

While it was plausible for them to stick with the BoomSound speakers, it was evenly important for them to pull their socks up on the sound output. Some critics are even suggesting M9 lucks the clarity that distinguished M8 from the rest, something that is going to be their lowest point. But on a brighter note, the camera is improved and even the battery, rated at 2840mAh, is way bigger than its predecessor and can boost the gadget for longer hours. Currently priced at $649, the new HTC M9 is expected to be out in April this year.

HTC One M9 review (36)-650-80

What made LG G3 the best phone of 2014 by the majority vote? Was it the great balance of value and quality, the good display or the relatively affordable prices, or the combination of all the above? Whatever it was, it was able to make an iphone fan question his loyalty, and that’s the reason G3 carried the day at Mobile World Congress last year. As much as I think HTC will not be able to achieve this, considering they will find it hard even to convince their own users to upgrade from M8 to M9 given that you can’t really notice the visual difference between the two (though one might argue that the same was with Apple when they upgraded from iphone5 to iphone6 and still managed to post impressive figures), I still expect them, with few changes they have made here and there, to make a statement come the end of this year.

Should you decide to go for it, don’t be afraid to incur that extra penny to also get the HTC’s Dot view case, a case in its own world. It gives you the privilege of playing games without opening the case, not to mention you can receive or ignore calls on the same case without touching your phone. This is due to magnetic sensors enabled in the case design, which goes for $49. It goes without saying that when you’re ready to get the gadget, GuruIT Technologies will guide you as well as deliver to you the New Magic – Feel free to contact us.


One thought on “HTC One M9, THE NEW MAGIC

  • June 30, 2015 at 6:32 am

    My assessment of the M9 against the iPhone 6 (Yeah, side by side since launch) is the M9 beats the iPhone hands down on everything but camera….that said, I’m a HTC fanboy so maybe my opinion shouldn’t count. Lets see; one, i have my primary line on the M9, i make between 100-250 calls a day on it, against a measly 10-30 calls on the iPhone…that alone leaves little to asses…still, the M9 feels good in the hand, performs well in the grind and delivers close to exceptional performance all round


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