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Most of us have a mouse to go with our laptop, don’t you? Lets face it, every laptop comes with a touchpad and some even have a trackball. The new HP Spectre 13t has what they call a “Control zone”! It almost sounds like those military equipment for use in mission control. It does some really cool things too. Tapping and swiping on the left-hand is used to view, select and switch between open apps, and swiping the right-hand Zone opens the Charms menu mimicking what can be done from the touchscreen itself.

I use a docking station in my office, plugged into it is a 23″ screen and a Microsoft 800 wireless keyboard and mouse for an entangle free office experience. I must say, it sure does deliver an unrivalled full size office experience. Challenge is, I can’t carry this with me to my presentations or field work! Now that presents a challenge.

You see, I use an Ultrabook, a Lenovo X1 carbon. Lovely piece of art, sufficiently powerful but light enough for me to easily carry around. But as you already figured, that comes with only two USB ports, none of which I can spare for plugging in a transmitter which the MS 800 requires! Needless to say, am clumsy enough to break that thing while trying to force the plugged in laptop into my man bag! Short story long (yeah I know), I can’t have nothing dangling all over my Ultrabook while up and about. For that reason I had to go shopping for a field mouse. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t a mouse just a mouse. You’re right, a mouse is just a mouse as much as a beer is just a beer. No it isn’t!

Most people who hate their computers do so purely on their input device experience. A bad input experience delivers nothing but a bad computing experience, If you know what am talking about. Being in the technology space, I have had plenty of mice (trust me, that is the plural) on my hands. Surprisingly, nothing in the shops at the time of my search fit the bill, I did my research and I settled on the Lenovo Bluetooth laser wireless mouse, MOBTC9L. This is probably the best mouse I have ever had the pleasure of using. The mouse features a 800 dpi laser sensor with the best possible sensitivity, usable on almost all types of surfaces, note the “almost”.

It uses two AA batteries, surprising for its small size. Those however help to give it good weight for the hand. The mouse has three buttons because the scroll wheel doubles up as a button. Now pay attention because here is where it beats anything else. The scroll wheel is four way, back and forth and to the left and right. Usable with any application. Lets have a practical example; if you’re online, not only are you able to scroll down and up, you also can go forward on a page or back to the previous page! Don’t get me wrong, that may not sound like an Einstein moment but it is super cool when you consider few other ‘mice’ have that as a feature. The mouse has a soft-touch finish to match the usual IBM no-nonsense professional design, a tradition Lenovo has maintained. I have had this mouse for four years, changed laptops twice since but the Lenovo Bluetooth laser mouse has stayed. For the $60, I got the full value for my money.

Enter year 2015 and out comes the Microsoft Arc Touch. I first saw this mouse on you tube while searching for a Davido music video (yeah, am a fan like that). I see this mouse that can do magical bends and turns, is super thin and looks pretty cool. I figured, checking with a few of my geek pals will yield a first hand with this one. Apparently to many, a mouse is just a mouse, in fact those who had a mouse, had a USB mouse! What! Well I have an excuse, am both a marketer and a geek. So am all for functionality but with a hint of the feel and look good. I had to order an Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse.

The Arc has a convertible design, it lies completely flat making it portably cool. Easy to pack alongside an ultrabook or even in my breast pocket. When converting it for the first time, you will definitely feel like you just broke it! That act of converting it also turns it either on or off. The Microsoft-proprietary BlueTrack™ Technology in this mouse is a first. It boasts usability on any surface (glass included), with a resolution of 1000 points per inch (39.4 points per millimeter) the precision is very high. It comes loaded with tactile feedback on its Touch scroll strip enabling digital vertical scrolling for precise or fast scrolling. The rubbery surface gives it very good grip. For $70 however, this is a luxury mouse. I have not found much use for it except for show off. It feels funny in the hand (maybe it is my fat fingersL), it isn’t heavy or bulky or anything like that. It just feels odd, the ‘out of place’ kind of feel. Whenever I try to use it I find myself asking why or why? It must be that ‘spoilt brat’ syndrome brought on me by my very rightly perfect Lenovo Bluetooth Laser Mouse, the MOBTC9L. For now, am convinced I only need two ‘mice’, the MS 800 and the MOBTC9L, period. What is your take?

Wait, Shouldn’t a MOUSE just be perfect?
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2 thoughts on “Wait, Shouldn’t a MOUSE just be perfect?

  • June 25, 2015 at 9:23 am

    So disappoint you didn’t like the Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse because it sure is easy on the eye! You however make an excellent case for the MOBTC9L. I’m converted!

    • June 27, 2015 at 7:24 am

      The MOBTC9L is truly dull in looks but does a fantastic job of making every other mouse just that “just another mouse…” You can have my MSFT Arc you test drive. Glad you’re sold on the MOBTC9L though


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