Cyber Security Consultancy

At GuruIT Technologies we help organizations strengthen their security for a digital age. Our Cyber Security Services provide organizations with the visibility and velocity they need to respond to advanced threats at the core in the data center and at the edge in the workplace. We exploit analytics. We deploy next-generation defenses. And we unify event management.

Data Center Security.
Information security.

GuruIT has a designed approach that helps organizations with simplified security framework that enables them to:

  • Align information security and compliance with business and IT strategies and initiatives
  • Monitor the threat landscape and align their plans and initiatives to proactively address the threats
  • Promote effective communication models and encourage consistent and appropriate security decisions and investments.

We understand that IT vulnerabilities can lead to damaged reputation, loss of data and IP, fines, and costly remediation. We have developed a comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management framework that’s focused on protecting your business’s critical infrastructure.

We approach all engagements in a systematic and rigorous fashion to make certain that projects are carried out efficiently and effectively, ensuring a thorough review and appraisal of any identified technical and management issues.